Fish it Plant Food

100% Organic

For the health and well being of you, your plants, and Mother Earth.

Made With Real Poo

Let’s face it. Poop is good for plants and fish poop water is loaded with nitrate. Nitrate aids plants in carrying out photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a good thing!!! Hint: 9th grade biology…chlorophyll in the leaves…stuff like that.

Seaweed & Molasses

Seaweed is an excellent source of B-12 that stimulates microbial activity in the soil. What does that mean, you ask? Little critters that live near the roots benefit the plant by allowing for greater root expansion and growth.  Molasses also stimulates microbial activity and acts as a sort of “booster” for plant growth.

Epsom Salts

Have two key ingredients that benefit plants: Magnesium and Sulfur (or in geek speak we’ll call it Magnesium Sulfate). Magnesium helps plants better absorb nutrients and Sulfur aids in plant growth. Sulfur is naturally occurring in soil but because your houseplants live in a pot, it is quickly depleted.

Goodbye Brown Thumb

Hello beautiful, lush, healthy houseplants. And you know what?  They have a little surprise for you. They will not only beautify every room in which they reside. They will also clean the air.

“Honestly I purchased this as a favor to the friend who created it. I didn’t expect to really be successful after years of being a houseplant serial killer. I don’t use the dropper that comes with it. I shake it up real good and add about a tablespoon to a 2-quart watering container. I water my plants as I normally would every week and they look great. I even got this little plant on the dying rack at Home Depot that is now thriving in under a month.” Scott

You Have To Do Your Part

1. Always repot your plants shortly after buying them in a pot 2″ larger than its current home.

2. Rotate your plants weekly; let’s play nice and let all the leaves enjoy some time in the “hot spot”.

3. Check for bugs & other creepy crawling things…..spray with insecticidal soap as needed.

4. Watch the tips of your plants: brown tips are bad……stop bathing your plants in Fish it, remember……..MODERATION yields success!!!

5. Watch the leaves: yellow or browning leaves are also bad…your plant is communicating….listen….back off on the water, increase the water, provide more food, more light, or less light…..Sorry this one wasn’t an easy fix….it takes some trial and error; just get it together before unhappy plant becomes dead plant.

Then I Do My Part

1. If your plants don’t like Fish it and there’s over 1/2 the bottle left….send it back for a full refund less shipping.

2. I’m not sure why you’d do this…your plants will LOVE Fish it…but I’ll still take it back.

3. If your Fish it arrived broken….I’ll replace it.

4. If your Fish it didn’t arrive at all….I’ll replace it (had this happen a few times myself).

Ready To Help Your Plants?

Fish it is $9.99 per bottle plus shipping and is made in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.


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